Midnight Scribbles (part-1)

1irst : It’s 1 a.m. . Night of course . And you really wanna tell the truth and unmask yourself . But something’s holding you back , no letting you do things you want . It’s actually your fear , it’s your ” Next Morning ” ! 2econd : Sometimes at night unusual things happen . […]

It was very easy : a poem describing our human nature with sarcasm

” I murdered three , two woman and one man – it was very easy . It was very easy, to find them and kill , it was like a burden to me – like an unpaid bill . But from here the story starts , taking many twists and turns – dividing in parts . The police is chasing me, to take me down – here, there, everywhere; in every town . This is the climax; I heard the ring – I woke up on a ; pleasant Sunday morning . “